Are you spending too much time working in your office, when you would much rather be doing what you love to do, which is getting out there and selling your product or service?  Every business owner we meet wants to know how to make more money, but the majority of them complain of wearing too many hats and needs more hours in the day to do that.

If you need small business support in Melbourne's CBD and the North Eastern Suburbs, Chagall's team spends the time doing the little things so you don't have to!  Our group of diverse professionals specialise in marketing for small business, bookkeeping, small business planning and more.  Together, we offer reliable support solutions for micro and small business operators and aim to improve their efficiency through assistance in:

We are often asked by our clients, "Why do small businesses fail?". According to the SBA, 50% of businesses fail in their first 5 years, and that is often because they are trying to do everything themselves. Our team at Chagall is made up of a range of experienced professionals with diverse industry backgrounds who help ensure your business does not contribute to this statistic.  

We will streamline your time, maximise your productivity and improve your bottom line.

Don't spend countless hours preparing your own BAS and shifting through your piles of paperwork. Regardless if you work with Quickbooks, MYOB or Xero, our in-house and mobile bookkeepers will work within your preferences and get the job done in a fraction of the time.  

Are you online with a professional business website?  Are you using social media?  Are you interested in traditional marketing action plans? Our small business marketing experts can help you.  Along with traditional methods of small business marketing including flyer design and distribution, our experts write and create websites, complete with SEO optimisation (search engine optimisation), and set you up with a program of social media for business that will have you online and thriving. 

At Chagall we know firsthand that working on every aspect of your business can be difficult and time consuming.  We also understand that many small business owners don't have the budgets or the time to employ more staff.  We take time to learn your particular needs and desires, and embark on a business plan that will help you grow.


Chagall can help your business endeavours by providing small business advice and solutions which will help you operate more efficiently, free your time and, most importantly, build successful outcomes.  

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Don't know what to do with social media but still want to stay ahead of your competitors?

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