Chagall Marketing

Chagall provides marketing services which we customise for your needs to ensure your marketing is targeted, monitored and successful.

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Marketing Project Management

Marketing Project Plan & Management

Do you have a specific event, product release or project that needs a plan and management?

We build customised project plans, manage the process to its successful completion, and provide reporting on goals met.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Marketing Plans

Are you a new business, or are you wanting to re-launch your existing business?

Together, we can review your business goals and help you build a strategic and effective marketing plan.

Tactics Marketing

Tactical Marketing Action Plans

Is your marketing at a standstill? Is it old and a bit stale? Do you want to start marketing to grow your business? 

We can assess your opportunities for quick wins and provide an action plan that is easy to implement.

Tactical Marketing Actions Plans

Targeted Mail-Outs and Email Marketing

Keep your customers up to date or build your existing client base with regular newsletters, business updates, special offers and email campaigns!

If you’d like to stand out from the e-crowd, Chagall can design, print and distribute your information, invitations or special offers through the post! A personalised touch goes a long way in today's digital world.

Email Marketing

Do you need to improve your communications?

We can send regular newsletters to your contact database, and specific emails to existing clients or a network of potential clients to whom you have something to say.

Database Management

Database Building

Do you have a database of contacts? Do you meet people but rarely follow up? Do you let people know who you are and what you do?

Following up from networking leads is vital to maximizing the relationship.  Unfortunately, not a lot of people have time to do this... we will make the time for you and build your opportunities for referrals.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Are your clients rewarded each time they come back? Is it worth their while to stay loyal to you and not go with one of the other options knocking on their door?

Show your regular clients that you appreciate them. Chagall can help you reward your clients and keep them loyal by implementing a simple and valuable rewards system.

Referral Marketing

Referral Programs

Have you made it easy and rewarding for your clients to refer you new business?

We can give your current customers an incentive to pass on your business! Chagall can create simple referral programs that will have your clients actively seeking more business for you, rewarding them when they refer a friend or family member to you.

Event Management Checklist

Event Management

Would you like to hold an event to promote your business but don't have the time to get it organised?

From venue and styling to entertainment and catering, we can plan and manage your event to a successful conclusion.

Social Media Plan

Website and Social Media Management

Chagall can help you get ahead of your competition by managing every aspect of your e-marketing strategy with projects like: building and managing your website to creating the best social media plan to suit your business, whether it be blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or LinkedIn.

Chagall can assist you in reaching new clients through targeted online ads, creative competitions and posts that will enhance your brand, engage your customers and build your online presence.

Chagall Marketing

The List Goes On... 

One is only bound by their own imagination when it comes to marketing strategies, and our imaginations know no bounds.

Do you have current testimonials?  Are you happy with your logo?  When did you last assess your website and SEO?  Do you need your corporate colours to stand out amongst the rest?

Whatever marketing support you need, we can definitely help.