Our Story

Since its inception, Chagall has been in the business of helping small business owners get the best possible results.

Director, Lorel DeAngelis, began the firm in 1999 as a young mother with twins and has been juggling the roles of business owner, single parent, volunteer worker and more since then.

She brought with her a wealth of information obtained in the teaching and corporate worlds, information she adapted to small business, and she has withstood the trials and tribulations that have come over the years while creating Chagall into the successful small business that it is today.

Acquiring the Knowledge and Skill to Run a Small Business and Offer Small Business Advice:Administrative Assistant

Originally, Lorel obtained her teaching degree at Deakin.  During this time she learnt a lot about communication and the challenges people face when learning.  Additional studies in teaching adults as well as volunteering to improve the literacy of the disadvantaged provided additional insight.  Upon graduating she entered the corporate world with two of the big four banks, working as a consultant in the area of information management.  It was the era of quality circles, constant improvement and countless meetings.

After a number of years, Lorel decided to continue her studies.  By the end of the first year of studying for her MBA, Lorel was still working in Information Management full time, renovating a house and pregnant with twins.  She started to see how the MBA and her experience in the corporate world gave her a lot to offer small business owners who were also trying to juggle it all.  By the time her two girls were born she acted upon her desire to help others and started Chagall.

      Customer Service Excellence                     What Is In a Business Name And Logo?  Why "Chagall"?

When naming her business, Lorel wanted both a balanced word with meaning, and one that would stand the test of time.  The word Chagall came from the artist Marc Chagall, who’s work is renown for its amazing colours and recognisable objects that aren’t necessarily in the right place.  Lorel felt this perfectly symbolised her view of small business.  This also bore the original logo of the stylised juggling jester.

We are all small business owners juggling all sorts of colourful recognisable roles, but not necessarily in the right priority order.  At Chagall, we help you with that juggling while ensuring you spend the time on the roles that are most important to you.


The Evolution... Where Are We Now?

It was just Lorel working all odd hours in the beginning when the girls were babies, but things moved very quickly and soon she had a part time staff.  This has been the case ever since.  The team has changed here and there over the years, and our services have varied a little, but our constant has remained the same:  we have always been here to help small business owners juggle their own roles and ultimately find success.

At Chagall we listen, we talk and then we listen again.
We understand, we learn, we evolve.
We share, we show, we do.

Come and share your story, we are listening.