Chagall Customer Service Support

Do you know what your clients think of your products or services? We can offer a range of services that will keep you informed and keep your business on track.

Contact Chagall's Customer Service Support centre on (03) 9893 7467 or and we will help you provide the extra services that will retain your clients and see your business flourish.


Customer Feedback Survey

Survey Your Customers for Feedback

Have you spoken to your clients recently? Do you know the last time something may have gone wrong and how they feel about you right now?

Chagall can develop a customer survey that will keep you informed and keep your business on track! Additionally, if you are not able to manage the communications, we can undertake the survey for you and provide results with analysis.

Business sales

After Sales Calls

Have you followed up with the clients who have used your products or services, especially those who went for the top model? Has the product worked for them? Does it require a service or update?

Reaching out to your clients will not only show them how caring and customer-focused your business is, but ensure your products are maintained and working to manufacturers guidelines so your clients are happy to recommend you.

Inbound Calls

Inbound Customer Calls

Do you want to provide your customers with a 9-5 Monday to Friday phone number but can't manage the calls yourself?

Let Chagall be your telephone support consultants.


New Products/Offers

Do you have a new product? Have you re-packaged your services?

Let us tell your market or re-engage your past clients with your special offers.